“Alex is a competent and knowledgeable trainer; very approachable and provides lots of encouragement without being over-bearing.  He listens to your requirements and amends the training programme accordingly.  We made great progress over the months and I really enjoyed the sessions and also achieved the goals that we set.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Alex to other people.  I highly value his services.”

John Crosby, 27.  John Crosby Pic.

“I went to Alex after he was recommended for his strong will and determination to achieve.  I was definitely at a stage in my life where I needed to include more exercise, eat properly and maintain good habits for general wellbeing going forward for the rest of my life.  Alex was able to give me the confidence on a personal programme for me with a focus for gradual improvement over a sustained period of vigilance.  Alex educated me about the science and proven evidence on what to eat whilst exercising and also when to eat.  I was motivated at every session to get stronger and fitter and I am now seeing the benefits of what Alex started over a three month personal training programme which was devised with him.  He listened to what I needed and with this skilfully crafted intervention, I can only say thank you Alex you have made a positive change in my attitude to exercise and losing weight.  I would recommend Alex to anyone whether you are a teenager or an older person; he is more than capable of delivering success to all.”

Sharon Smith-James, 50.


“I am a current client of Alex. I have been working with him for the past 6 weeks. I asked Alex to improve my shape and increase my muscle size. I am very pleased to say that he has and very happy with the results I have seen, so much so that I have signed on for a further 6 weeks! I would highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer.”

Ben Young, 31.


”I have been training with Alex for several months. He’s knowledgeable and sets realistic but challenging goals and creates a training plan which will help you achieve it. Alex is great with mixing up the exercise’s to best to suit you and your goals. He is reliable & flexible around timings, very professional and will do everything he can to make sure you achieve your goals. A great investment and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve there targets.”

Luke Williams, 22.   Luke Williams Pic.

“Alex Maloney personal training helped me transform my body shape, my lifestyle and my confidence in a matter of months. I found Alex and the gym environment a really motivational place. He is always extremely positive about my personal progress and constantly pushing me to go further. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking to achieve their aims.”

Liam Stone, 23.  Liam Stone FB. 


“Alex is a great, motivating personal trainer. His patience, skill and understanding has helped us build muscle and gain strength. We are now training at a level that we would not have thought was possible 6 months ago. We look forward to each session and highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer.”

Conor Wood, 21 & Ben Scott, 20.




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